Board of Governors

The Headteacher of the school, in consultation with the Board of Governors, is responsible for the internal organisation, management and discipline of the school. The Governors, who meet several times a term, have a range of responsibilities for the school. The Board of Governors, in partnership with Headteachers, have a key strategic role in planning their school’s development and making sure that school resources are used effectively to raise the achievement of pupils.                  

The main resource of the school is the people who work in it. Therefore, it follows that the wellbeing and professional development of teachers and all staff is a priority for the Board of Governors.

Telephone: 01617733794 – Please ask for Mrs. Beck or Mrs. Lenihan in the school office. The Head Teacher is Mrs. S. Jones.

The Deputy Head Teacher is Mr. Percival. The SENCo is Mrs. Casey.


Email Address:

M25 1BP